Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ready For A New Car Purchase? Get Your Car Financed

Ready For A New Car Purchase? Get Your Car Financed We are all very aware that we need to have our cars financed before we even think of leaving the car lot. Sometimes the dealership you buy a car from will finance the car themselves or seek out for different financial companies to do business with you. Once you are qualified or approved through that company the interest rates will be determined by your credit. They could run you 8% -9% percent if your credit is not half bad then they ll make payment arrangements for your car, but there are some red flags ahead of you. What you don t know is many cars around the world are not even financed. Then where is my money going to when its deducted out of the bank? You won t believe this, but it goes directly in the pockets of the car dealership. You have to understand that car dealerships have what you call sub-companies. What happen is they imprint a real company s logo on paper and copy words that you would find on a financial lending company s policy direct. This will be a unique way for them to retrieve or obtain any important information from you, such as, your bank account numbers, home address, phone number or even your social security number that looks legit. Once you have signed the papers then they are automatically approved which means double profits for the car dealership. You always want to know where your money is being transfered to. Keep all of your paperwork that has been signed and dated for proof of every little detail. My name is Jay Pleas. I m an auto mechanic and interior designer that spends most of my time buying autos and detailing them for many customers. At this time I make $100,000 a year maintaining my own car interior business. I live in Florida. I m 28 years of age.

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