Saturday, January 19, 2008

Car Insurance Scam Fraud Protection

History of insurance practice dates back to ancient Greece where ships traveling to far away places were insured. Insurance fraud also has a history that dates back to the same period. In ancient Greece, insurance scams were called as ship scuttling, where ships were purposefully sunk. Introduction of automobiles for traveling and development of modern technology has changed the entire concept of fraudulent insurance claims. It is important to have a basic knowledge about types of insurance scams so as to avoid getting into the trap. Some of the common insurance scams include staged rear-end car accidents, adding damage and fake helpers. Scams are usually operated through a well-knit crime network that includes scam drivers, scam helpers, insurance brokers, doctors, technicians and lawyers. Set-up accidents or staged rear-end car accidents usually occur when the driver suddenly gets in front of another car and then stops abruptly. This results in an accident where the rear end of the front car is slammed by the vehicle coming from behind. Following this, money towards vehicle damages and fake medical injuries is scuffed up from the driver who has slammed the car. After the incident, there are ample chances that the scam driver takes the vehicle to a distant location and damages the car further, claiming that these damages have occurred during the original accident. Fake helpers magnify the damage caused by offering help in trying to find a doctor, auto repair shop or a lawyer. All these professionals are a part of the network and charge enormous rates. Anybody could be a scapegoat of such scams. However, these incidents could be avoided with a bit of awareness and by following precautionary measures. Some useful safety measures include careful observation of surroundings, abiding by the law while driving, ensuring ample distance in front of the vehicle, concentrating while driving, recording every minute detail at the site of accident and taking pictures using a disposable camera. Check Out More Articles: Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes Tips , How to Check The Transmission Fluid On a 1998 Toyota Corolla? , Trouble Shooting Isuzu Rodeo

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