Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eco Insurance - Do Your Bit

As a society we are fast beginning to realise that what we do has an effect on the environment around us. Upon realisation of this fact we start to wonder what we can do as our small contribution. Especially considering the carbon footprint for the average UK household which currently rests at 26,316 Kg of CO2. Environmentalists believe that to halt Global warming we each need to shave 2,500 Kg off this amount a year, a figure nearing 10%. If we look at some of the key areas of CO2 Production in the household we see this is certainly a possibility; Gas, coal and oil account for 3,876 Kg, electricity 3,127 Kg and use of car 2,600 Kg. These are certainly figures we can certainly do some work at decreasing. Take for instance your car; there are many options to avoid using it unnecessarily, try walking or using a bike if your journey is a very close one. Alternatively use public transport; a bus for example will save much CO2 production. Another suggestion in this area is eco-friendly car insurance. This is much cheaper than at its inception, with good deals now being found through many companies. These companies work by offsetting your CO2 production, investing money into green schemes such as; forestry, energy saving and renewable energy schemes. Consider buying a car with a smaller engine; be sure to check to consumption figures as not all small engines are as economical as you’d think. Another possibility is having your car converted to dual fuel or buying a diesel engine as this is much more economical on a fuel consumption basis. Who knows you might even save money on your motor insurance policy in the process. In terms of carbon fuel reduction, such as coal, gas and oil, you can help reduce this by making your home more energy efficient. There are many way’s you can reduce your heating bills and save on your CO2 production. Are you windows double glazed? Is your loft insulated? Do you have cavity wall insulation? Do your appliances have good energy saving ratings? If the answer to any or all of these is no then you can make a big saving on CO2 production and indeed your utility bills by addressing these issues. Several insurance companies are now offering Eco house insurance amongst their policies, again using a percentage of funds to offset CO2 production. If you can find a company offering this whilst looking to renew you policy you can further shave more carbon emissions by the offsetting action it offers. On closer inspection of the ethics of these companies they appear to be sound. They work out how much the carbon emissions will be on average for a vehicle or household and then aim to offset somewhere in the region of 20%. This is done by donating money to schemes which are developing alternatives to fossil fuels and forestry schemes whereby many new trees are planted which helps to absorb some of the carbon emissions in the short to medium term. If you consider that 20% of your average carbon emissions for your car works out at 520 Kg you are well on your way to shaving that 2,500 Kg of your household carbon footprint. With the added reduction from making your home more environmentally friendly you should be virtually there. It’s not that hard when you think about it… Think about switching to eco friendly car insurance to help the environment. You may be able to take out house insurance with one of the new breed of carbon offsetting eco insurance companies. Don’t forget by looking for an environmentally friendly, economic car you may even save money off your motor insurance policy.

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