Saturday, January 19, 2008

Insurance For The Disc Jockey

Most disc jockeys forge ahead into the DJ world full of enthusiasm, and make their top priority the purchase of their equipment. Visions of mixers, speakers, cd decks, turntables, and effects flow through their minds. That s all fine and expected, but when such a focus is put on the DJ s gear; it makes no sense not to protect that investment. Protecting the equipment with proper casing for transport is recommended and a smart practice, but that is not the focus of this article. Strange as it may seem, many Djs operate without an insurance policy to protect them from a lawsuit. Mobile Djs operate on location and are required to carry a liability policy so that they will not be personally responsible should they be faced with a lawsuit. A liability policy - which can many times be purchased from standard car insurance companies - will ensure that the Dj s personal assets are not attacked in a lawsuit. The profession of Djing has gone through radical changes in the last decade. Equipment has grown in all arenas. Speakers have gotten a major overhaul. They are lighter, cleaner in sound, and more powerful. Many are even self powered, where a separate amplifier is not required. Advances in computer technology has allowed for today s Djs to operate with a laptop computer and proper software. In an industry where it s practitioners had to carry heavy turntables and crates of records, modern day Djs may never touch a cd. One can only hope that the new wave of thinking will carry on into the arena of proper business practice where insurance is concerned. It makes no sense to invest so much into equipment and then have a flagrant disregard for protecting a business and it s assets. Insurance companies have become aware of the mobile DJ profession and many car insurance providers have responded by offering discounted plans for thaose Djs that choose to combine their car and liability insurance with the same carrier. It s as simple as going online to a few car insurance providers and filling out quote request forms to find the best rate. All prospective Djs would be well advised to find adequate insurance before forging ahead into the entertainment world. As has been said about insurance: It s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Ray Mardo serves as a consultant and training director for the top DJ Entertainment companies on the East Coast. He is the author of the top selling DJ training course Making Money As A Mobile Entertainer. More information on DJing can be found at

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